CMVP Certification

Certificazione CMVP

M&V is the process of planning, measuring, collecting and analyzing data whose purpose is to verify and report the energy savings resulting from the implementation of an energy efficiency improvement action within a specific plant/structure.

M&V is used when the savings must be univocally established, as in the case of:

  • Energy efficiency projects (EE)
  • Results guarantee contracts (EPC)
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • When an owner wants this verification in order to concretely account for an intervention
  • When you want to implement good energy management

Our staff is CMVP Certified by the AEE Association of Energy Engineers, is qualified to design and implement a Measurement and Verification Plan of energy performance according to the International Protocol of Measurement and Verification of IPMVP Performance according to the EVO Efficiency Evaluation Organization standard.

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